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Dri-Glo Case Study 

Iconic Australian bedding and homewares brand, Dri-Glo, engaged The 152 Project to launch a new premium collection and e-commerce store, complete with custom bed & bath sets. 


The Task

With most of the country's media in lockdown, fed up with zoom launches, our job was to create a launch activation that would engage media with something bespoke, memorable and that creatively got the product into the hands of media. In addition to this, we were also tasked with engaging influencers and consumers to raise awareness of the product offering and drive sales. Initiatives had to also boost EDM subscriptions AND improve the brand's SEO.

The How

The launch concept was to leverage a handful of stylists as influencers and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to virtually redesign the bedrooms of select media. Media filled out a form supplied an image of their room, and we paired them with a stylist to make some magic.

med_res (16).jpg


1 + Mil

207+ Million 

Online opportunities to see 



New EDM subscribers 

med_res (8).jpg

1+ Million 

Print opportunities to see 


Virtual Bedroom makeovers 

1.4+ Million

Social opportunities to see 



Stoked client 

Campaign Snapshot

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