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Marketing is a big and beautiful beast.


Fundamentally, marketing is about knowing who your customers are and then getting them to buy your product or service. From here, the cycle continues as it becomes about maintaining customer relationships to keep them coming back again and again. 

Marketing is integral to the success of any organisation, regardless of how big or established it is. 

With experience working for small local businesses such as Premium Pilates & Fitness to some of the biggest brands on the globe, like Red Bull and Under Armour, we like to think we know a thing or two about marketing. 

Image by Himanshu Choudhary

Marketing strategy is entwined within business strategy as it looks at everything from your branding, design, price, product development, consumer psychology, and so much more. 


Today, the way we can market to people is endless, and to help you navigate the what, why and how, The 152 Project is here to help.


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  • Brand Strategy

  • Marketing Strategy 

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Content Strategy 

  • Integrated Campaigns

  • Partner Identification & Negotiation

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  • Organic Social Media 

  • Community Management 

  • Asset Development 

  • Paid Social Media 

  • Influencers

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  • Content Marketing Execution 

  • Content Development 

  • Asset Development 

  • Website Design & Development 

  • Copywriting 

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  • Search Engine Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimisation 

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