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PR & Communications

With creativity at our core, we are focused on developing bespoke campaigns dense with creative tactics that help you and your brand be seen. Whether creating news or hijacking the news agenda, we’re masters of creative angles, leaving no rock unturned and no hook unexplored.


Public Relations (PR) is a strategic communications function that builds relationships between organisations and their public.


Think about where your ‘public’ lives. They are on your website, on social media, reading magazines, listening to podcasts, commuting to work (ok, less so) and travelling the globe. 


This is why, in today’s world, PR is about far more than just media relations and why The 152 Project is committed to reaching your public wherever they may be.

At The 152 Project, we deliver down-to-earth PR campaigns that have a lasting impact.  Whether you have an established global brand or a local start-up, we can support you from strategy to execution, igniting talkability. 

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With over 12 years of experience, we’ve worked with the best of the best, including in award-winning agencies and for globally renowned brands such as Mambo, Oakley and Burt’s Bees.


More and more, the lines between PR and other marketing functions are being blurred, so it’s crucial that your PR team understands marketing tactics too. This level of cross-functional expertise is what sets The 152 Project apart

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At The 152 Project, we understand big-picture marketing, so we can work closely with your marketing team to ensure strategies are closely aligned and masterfully integrated, or alternatively,  we can run the campaigns ourselves.


Communication is about transmitting information from one person or organisation to other people or organisations. It’s about sharing facts, ideas, concepts, thoughts, messages and emotions through various channels to create a mutual understanding. 


Communications is integral to the operations of any business or organisation and is the foundation of all marketing. 

At The 152 Project, we look at communications from the lens of the PESO communications model - covering Paid media, Earned media, Shared media and Owned media. 


This is how we ensure all consumer touchpoints are on-point and sharing the right messages. It’s how we can reach your public where ever they may be. 

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So, you want to tell the world why your brand is better than your competitors. But how do you do that? What is your key message, and do you land it on each channel, in the right format, with the right copy for your audience?


We’ll show you!

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