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At The 152 Project, we're a passionate team of highly experienced communications & marketing professionals who LOVE what we do!

Meet the team

Meet The Team

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Rebecca Clark

3 Things with BC 

🌎  I’m obsessed with travel, and I try to see as much of the world as much as possible
🎶  I used to get paid to travel the world and cover music festivals (best gig ever, I know)
🌟 I’m proudly dyslexic. It took me a while to be proud of this, but it really is a superpower. My brain is built a little differently, which makes me a gun marketer. Why? Because I can connect obscure dots, I can easily see big-picture strategies and creative ideas come naturally.

3 Things with MC 

🌍 During my Gap Year, I worked for 5 months at Buffalo Farm, 350 km South of Darwin. It was a rugged, unexpected turn of events but one of my most incredible experiences.

🐮 In an ideal world, my best friend and I would retire on a hobby farm in Montana with our families and lots of highland cows. It would be simple, peaceful, and perfect. 

💅 Ru Paul’s Drag Race is my favourite TV Show. I picked it up during lockdown and have watched every season from every franchise, including the US, UK, Thailand, Netherlands, and Italy. 


3 Things with TV 

🌍 I grew up living and travelling around Europe and Asia, with two citizenships, seven houses, five schools, and five countries, all before the age of 12. 

 🎵 My hidden talent is memorising song lyrics after one listen. 

🏠 I started an Interior Design degree until I realised it’s not just about making houses look pretty, which ended my 10-year-old self’s dream very quickly. 


Chloe, Chonkey Monkey, Princess, Princess Squishy Face, Princess Squishington, The Squish Monk, Butters, Stink Bug, Cheddar Bug, Monkle, Pupper, FlufferNutter. Photo credit: Tame & Wild. 

Image by Kinga Howard
Image by Annie Spratt

Our Extended Team

Able to scale up and down, we work with hand-picked experts across Meta, SEO, Google, Photography, Videography and much more!

The 152 Project

We've seen the magic of kickass campaigns – shaking up industries, setting audiences on fire, selling out like crazy!


That's why we're obsessed with helping businesses of all sizes take that next big leap.

But we get it. We're a small business, too, and we know that navigating today's wild world of business is tough.


So, we've made it our mission do things differently!

We want to partner with you and grow alongside your journey. Maybe it starts with our killer digital tools and evolves into full-on agency support down the line—whatever it takes to propel you forward!

We love sharing our smarts and helping good people grow 🌱 

The 152 Project's Mission: Empower bold businesses to achieve extraordinary growth and visibility through strategic marketing and communications that challenge the norm and leave a lasting impact.


Indusrty Leading Experience 

This is just some of the experience that we've clocked up over the years, working for some of the best brands in the business. 

Red bull energy drink(152 project)
converse(152 project)
Bruts BEES(152 project)
Contiki(152 project)
Burton (152 project)
The jalls (152 project)
THREBO(152 project)
jbl(152 project)
tiger (152 project)
T2(152 project)
Under-Armour- (152 project)
paramount(152 project)
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Looking to LAUNCH

or level up?

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